Fine-tune your Focus for Health and Happiness

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power.” Anthony Robbins.

Shine your torch.
Our mind’s focus is like a torch light that we can choose to shine on the muck or magnificence of our life. Our focus then affects our thoughts. Our thoughts affect our attitudes, and our attitudes become our personality.

The snowball of feelings
If we focus on what we lack, we cause ourselves to feel unhappy. These feelings can snowball to envy and resentment which then damage our personal and work relationships.  We can miss out on adventures and new experiences because our focus is on our inadequacies and what might go wrong.  We can lose energy and enthusiasm.

What we focus on is what we get
Our subconscious mind works with pictures and will try to manifest whatever you download into it – garbage in, garbage out.  Focusing on images of lack creates more lack. Focusing on a healthy image of yourself creates better health. Our visual focus is the co-creator of our fabulous future.

Put your rose-coloured glasses away
Focusing on the positive in our lives doesn’t mean putting on rose- coloured glasses.  If the car has a flat tyre, you don’t keep driving while being grateful for the other three! If there is a problem, focus and act on the solution and feel your mood change.

When times are tough
During natural disasters, there are always stories of amazing support, survival, community spirit, and inner strength.  Focusing on the positive doesn’t minimize the devastation of events, but it does ease some of the emotional pain associated with it.

How do we focus on the good in life? By deliberately looking for the good in all situations until it becomes a habit.

    • Focus on the solution not the problem
    • Focus on the healthy parts of your body.
    • Focus on your abundance, not your lack
    • Focus on your achievements not your limitations.
    • Focus on the attributes of your family not their faults.
    • Focus on what you do want, not on what you don’t want.
    • Focus on today. Don’t try to solve all of life’s problems in one day .

Writing a grateful list daily helps build this new habit. Choose ten things to be grateful for each day. Children enjoy the game of finding something to be happy starting with each letter of the alphabet, going from A – Z.

Try it for yourself over the next few weeks.  Deliberately choose to focus on the good and notice the results. See how it positively affects your health and happiness.


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