Three tips to smash those New Year’s resolutions    

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and by now you might feel like you’ve tried and failed already. There really is no failure, only feedback about what has worked so far and what hasn’t. Whether you want to increase your income, improve your relationships, lose weight or give up smoking this year,  these tips will increase your chances of success.

Write your goal.images (3)

Studies have shown that your chances of achieving your goals are much higher by writing your goal down. Writing action steps to achieve the goal and sharing the goal and weekly progress with a friend adds to the success rate.

Link the goal with your highest priorities.

Write down your seven highest values eg family, health, wealth, fun, creativity etc. Then describe how achieving your goal will help you live according to these values. For example family is your highest priority and you want to lose weight. Come up with ways that losing weight will enhance your time with family. You could recognise that you will have more energy, feel better about yourself and therefore feel more genuinely loving and giving.  This exercise will increase your motivation to achieve your goal.

Link your goal with your core needs

The core emotional needs as developed by Anthony Robbins are: certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth and contribution. Write down how achieving your goal will help you meet these needs.  If my goal was to lose weight I could have certainty that this goal will improve my health, exercise could provide variety, caring  for myself  makes me more genuinely loving, I would be contributing by role modelling my change and I would grow in confidence and self discipline while achieving my goal. This exercise will increase the enjoyment of achieving the goal.

To achieve any goal you need staying power. These three activities will give you that.  Writing the goal down, linking your goal to your highest priorities and core needs will keep you motivated and enjoying the journey while you reach your target.
Don’t give up! Your worth it!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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