Are you over overeating?

Do you feel discouraged about ever getting your eating under control? Do you live with the constant fear of gaining weight? You’ve tried all the diets and nothing sticks – except the weight! Sometimes after a diet you put weight back on with interest. You might have tried starving yourself or over-exercising until you’re exhausted.   It’s confusing. I bet you know exactly what and how to eat but you can’t get off the diet treadmill or the scales. There is hope. Life doesn’t have to revolve around food and weight, and freedom from the obsession is possible.

Wouldn’t it be nice to eat to live rather than live to eat, to discover what’s behind these irrational eating behaviors and learn how to maintain healthy eating habits, to understand what’s eating you? The Bright Life ‘Eating Issues Program’ gives you clarity and understanding around your behaviors. That desire to fill the hole in the soul with food leaves you. You develop skills to cope with life’s stresses without needing extra food, starving or over-exercising. You can see food in front of you and choose wisely without feeling deprived.  You can start to love and be confident in your body, no matter what size or shape you are. You can become at peace with yourself and your body, and that’s just the beginning.

The Eating Issues Program

  • Allows you to gently work on the issues behind the unhealthy eating behaviours
  • You’ll become more skilled at living life without restricting or over-eating
  • You’ll learn how to handle cravings without giving in
  • Craving will reduce and in most cases disappear altogether
  • You will identify which people, places and things trigger your eating and find new skilful ways to deal with the triggers.
  • You’ll have greater understanding and motivation to maintain healthy eating habits
  • This program includes scientific evidence based strategies that work for people with life time addictions to food.  You can rest assured it will work for you. If for some obscure reason you do all the required work to the best of your ability and you’re still not satisfied we provide a money back guarantee.Click here for more information on The Eating Issues Program
  • To find out if you have an eating issue click here

Our Service

  • You’ll be talking with a professional with lived experience of eating issues.
  • You’ll be talking with someone who has felt the shame, anxiety and hopelessness of uncontrolled eating.
  • We help you let go of childhood & family patterns that can contribute to overeating
  • You will receive personalised one on one coaching. Not a one size fits all program (pun intended)
  • Sessions fit in with your work and family commitments
  • We help you set your personal goals and check them off as we go
  • You will receive online exercises and email support to maintain motivation
  • You will receive after- hours phone service for cravings and emotional support

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