The present moment brings peace

Focusing on this present moment can give you peace beyond words.  You have fewer perceived problems and respond more harmoniously to stressful events and people. Practicing mindfulness increases your attitude of gratitude. Your greatest point of power is in this moment. You have less perceived problems. An old man at the end of his life … Continue reading The present moment brings peace

Three tips to smash those New Year’s resolutions    

One of the most popular New Year's resolutions is to lose weight and by now you might feel like you've tried and failed already. There really is no failure, only feedback about what has worked so far and what hasn't. Whether you want to increase your income, improve your relationships, lose weight or give up smoking … Continue reading Three tips to smash those New Year’s resolutions    

Boundaries Make Life Better

Boundaries are limits you place on what you will and won’t accept. Unlike a brick wall, your boundaries can be flexible and adjusted for different people, places and situations. Being aware of your boundaries improves clarity, understanding and reduces stress. These healthy limits enable respectful relationships which can protect you from being offended and prevent … Continue reading Boundaries Make Life Better

Fine-tune your Focus for Health and Happiness

"One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power." Anthony Robbins. Shine your torch. Our mind’s focus is like a torch light that we can choose to shine on the muck or magnificence of our life. Our focus then affects our thoughts. … Continue reading Fine-tune your Focus for Health and Happiness

Eight Super Stress Solving Strategies

There’s a lot of people being affected by a silent killer. It causes heart disease, depression, sleep problems, rashes, anger and anxiety. It destroys your will power and motivation. It sneaks up on you.  After a while you don’t notice your shoulder tension, increased headaches, mood swings or increased use of food, alcohol or other … Continue reading Eight Super Stress Solving Strategies