Eating Issues Questionnaire

Do you sneak or hide food?boy choices

Do you eat when not hungry?

Do you lie about what you have eaten?

Are you in constant fear of gaining weight?

Are you constantly monitoring your weight?

Do you continue to eat to the point of discomfort?

Do you feel guilty or ashamed of your eating habits and your weight?

Do you spend large amounts of money on unnecessary food?

Do you feel guilty, ashamed or distressed around food?

Is your thinking often black or white, all or nothing?

Do you excessively restrict your food intake?

Do you excessively exercise for weight loss?

Is your weight affecting your health?

Do you binge eat?

If you have answered yes to five or more of these questions you most likely will need some support to get your eating back under control. Bright Life Coach provides a one on one support service. If you would like more information about this please feel free to contact me.